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The Management Systems Policy Of Batı Anadolu Group

As Batı Anadolu Group, our basic principles in production and sales of clinker, cement, ready- mixed concrete, aggregate, energy as well as their port management and logistics activities are as follows:

  • To meet the needs and expectations of our customers thanks to our customer-focused principle, to manage customer feedback effectively, to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, to be a wanted and trusted solution partner by our customers,
  • To encourage all our employees to take a process-oriented and risk-based approach thanks to our participatory and pluralist management approach, and to provide leadership in providing management systems requirements,
  • To continuously monitor, investigate and implement technological developments to improve efficiency, to reduce costs and to increase profitability in all our processes in the light of management standards,
  • To use and control natural resources and all kinds of energy efficiently and economically in order to protect ecosystems and to control climate change, to ensure efficient use of resources by eliminating transactions that do not create value,
  • To ensure the implementation of effective environmental management practices in order to prevent environmental pollution at the source, to reduce the wastes that may occur, to reuse and to recover them,
  • To take control of occupational health safety and environmental risks with technological developments and site improvements,
  • To implement all necessary measures in order to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases and to protect the health of our employees,
  • To support our effective human resources based on our ethical rules with innovative and creative approaches; and to develop them with the trainings increasing technical and behavioral competencies,
  • To increase the awareness of our people through our social activities projects,
  • To ensure that the corporate knowledge we have created since our establishment is used and protected in integrity and confidentiality in our entire group, and to ensure the protection of personal data,
  • To develop our reliable business relationships and raising our reputation,

In the light of Batı Anadolu Group principles, we undertake to comply with relevant national and international legislation and other requirements, and product conformity and safety standards in all our activities.