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32 Meters Under the Sea

In Batıliman, one of the ports with the highest pier depth in Nemrut Gulf, services can be provided for vessels with a capacity of more than 100.000 DWT.

Speed Timing Security

Batıliman has an strategic position which is located by rail line to the highway and port area. This feature leads offers significant advantages for the export and import activities.

155.000 m2 Storage Opportunity

With its 21 closed storage and open storage areas in the port back area Batıliman is providing its bulk cargo, general cargo and project cargo customers, bonded-duty free storage options.

Nemrut Gulf

Batıliman Port Operations, which has been included in Batı Anadolu Group as of 2006, serves in the Nemrut Gulf in Aliağa district of Izmir and is 59 km away from Izmir city center. The service quality of a port is determined by price, speed, timing and security as well as the proximity of the port's location to other Centers.

Due to its location, Batıliman is very convenient for the berthing and takeoff of the incoming ships and has an important strategic position with the Railway line that reaches the Highway and the port area. This provides an important advantage to its customers in import and export activities.

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Batıliman continues to provide reliable port services in Aliağa Nemrut Gulf with its investments and customer satisfaction-oriented service approach carried out with ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.


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